NGL Blending

Current Blending Systems:

  • Ethane into Propane
  • Butane into Diluent and Natural Gasoline
  • NGL Blending

    • Texon’s proprietary blending systems create value for our clients by safely and accurately optimizing client’s product specifications
    • Customized software and automation system is programmed to meet the specific requirements at the client’s facility
    • Texon technology communicates seamlessly within client’s complex and integrated asset system
    • Meets or exceeds all safety requirements of city, state, province or country
    • Turn-key systems
    • Fully automated programmable logic
    • Texon capital
    • Long-term profit share agreement
    • Tightly controlled accuracy
    • Texon operates and maintains equipment
    • Closely monitored for safety and accuracy

To learn more about Texon’s NGL Blending, contact: