Texon Petrochemical

Our team of dedicated manufacturing & marketing professionals bring extensive experience, customized solutions and exceptional service to a wide range of Petrochemical products via ship, barge, rail car and tank trucks.

Together we build and maintain relationships with domestic and international producers and consumers to efficiently manage regular product flow to and from many global regions. Our business relationships with petrochemical and refining companies reflect our broad knowledge of the marketplace that enable us to provide quality products and efficient services to you and your company.

Compressor Wash Oils (tailored to specific requirements) Propylene (RGP CGP PGP)
Aromatic Solvents Butane / Butylene Mix
C9 (A100) Isobutane
C10 (A150) Methanol
C12 (A200) Chemical Intermediates
Heavy Aromatic Bottoms Refinery Streams
Other Solvents

To learn more about Texon’s Petrochemical Solutions, or inquire about other products, contact: