Legacy Advisory Board

Donald P. Hodel

Energy and Natural Resources Consultant. Under-Secretary (1981-82) and Secretary of the Interior (1985-89) and Secretary of Energy (1982-85) in the Reagan Administration. Previously: Administrator (CEO) (1972-78), Bonneville Power Administration; President of National Electric Reliability Council (1978-80); Member of a number of Boards of Directors of listed and non-listed for-profit company boards and charitable organizations.

James Watt

Brings 44 years of experience in the government, public policy and legal arenas concerning energy and natural resources; President Reagan's first Secretary of the Interior (1981-83); Vice Chairman of the Federal Power Commission (1975-1977).

Jim P. Wise

Has 38 years in the energy industry along the hydrocarbon chain. Senior executive positions with a variety of companies including Houston Natural Gas Corporation, Transco Energy Company, Sterling Chemical, Inc. and Integrated Electrical Services, Inc. Currently a partner in the private equity firm of Haddington Ventures L.L.C., an investor in midstream natural gas assets.

Kyle Vann

Held various managerial and executive positions with Exxon from 1970-1979 and Koch Industries from 1972-2000. Served as the CEO of Entergy-Koch, LP from 2001-2004. Retired in 2005 and serves as a consultant on commodity issues to several energy companies and is a member of the Board of Directors for several for-profit companies and non-profit charitable organizations.

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